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Bracco Dynasty: Pawsitively Priceless

At Bracco Dynasty, we are a small in-home breeder, committed to premium care and socialization of all of our dogs and puppies. If you are looking for a family, hunting, or companion puppy, look no further than our smart, loving, and high-quality pups! All of our puppies are sold with a health guarantee. We have worked hard to earn our reputation as a trusted, friendly, reliable breeder!

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Princess Available

Princess, Spayed, 4 years old, available to the right home.
Let me tell you all about Princess.
Princess is four years old and she is spayed. 
Princess had to have her ears cleaned all the time and her skin wasn’t the greatest so […]

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Meet King

Meet King Arthur
AKA; Also known as King. King is an orange/white Bracco Italiano
We searched far and wide to find a suitable exceptional Sire for our “Bracco Dynasty Kennel”. We imported King from Finland and he flew quite the distance to […]

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Meet Princess

Meet Princess Diana
AKA / known as Princes. Princes is a white and chestnut Bracco Italiano.
When we decided to breed the Bracco Italiano we were looking for special bloodlines that would be exceptional for our Kennel, (Bracco Dynasty). We found Princess […]

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Meet Duchess

Meet Duchess of York
AKA /known as Duchess. Duchess is a white and orange Bracco Italiano (Same coloring as the Duchess of York, ha).
I love all my doggies but Duchess will always have a special spot in my heart. Duchess is […]

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Meet Nobel Lee

Meet Nobel Lee
Nobel Lee is a white/ chestnut roan Bracco Italiano.
Nobel Lee has a soft disposition most of the time but not always. Depends on what she feels warrants the soft “puppy eyes” or the “it wasn’t me and I […]

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Meet Queen

Meet Queen Elizabeth
AKA know as Queen or Queenie. Queen is a white and chestnut Bracco Italiano.
Queen is from Hungry and a sister to Princess. Queen and Princess made the long trip on a plane to the United States together.
Queen is […]

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