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Princess Available

Princess, Spayed, 4 years old, available to the right home.

Let me tell you all about Princess.

Princess is four years old and she is spayed. 

Princess had to have her ears cleaned all the time and her skin wasn’t the greatest so I took her to a vet, dermatologist. Princess had the complete work up done; Skin scrapings, allergy testing, blood work, urine, fecal….you name it she had it done. I am a firm believer in “don’t guess test”. It was determined Princess is allergic to cats, feathers and certain weeds and trees. Now that we have it all figured out for her, her skin and ears are great with no issues. Princess is on prescription dog food, EL made by Purina  and is delivered right to her door. If you cannot keep her on the prescription food she is not the right Princess for you. She currently eats 1 and 3/4 cups twice a day. Princess truly is a princess, she loves the couch and the bed, she loves to snuggle and keep you company. If she cannot be on the couch and sleep in your bed she is not the right Princess for you. Princess is crate trained but has not been put in a crate for some time now since she has lovely house manners. Princess loves riding in the car, loves to go with you whenever and wherever you travel. She would prefer to be the only dog in the house since I did mention she is a Princess and loves all the attention. She gets along with other dogs but has no problem being the only girl getting all the attention. Princess likes cats but is allergic to them so cats are out of the question. AND whoever heard of a hunting dog allergic to feathers? A non-hunting home would be best.  She is house trained in everything obedience. She will take walks with you; sidewalk, field or woods and will stay with you because she loves being with her people. If you are looking for a princess as your sidekick she might be the perfect canine for you. 




If you would like any other information about Princess Email, text or call me.


Amy March