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Bracco Italiano Puppies, Summer of 2024

Bracco Italiano Puppies coming soon, Summer 2024.

Lady Gwenivere and Countess Beatrice both passed their testing and are now on their way to becoming good mommies to a litter of puppies.

Bracco Italiano Puppy

We would like nothing more than to become your trusted breeder of your new puppy.  I would like to add if you already have a Bracco Dynasty puppy and are adding another to your family “YES” you will get a friends and family discount, after all we are already Bracco Dynasty family. 

We do not ship our puppy’s cargo, but we will certainly meet you at the airport (DTW) with your new puppy to save you on rental car. We also provide transport service for a reasonable fee. We would love to discuss all options available and make your puppy experience the best it can possibly be. 

Email text or call if you are interested in adding a Bracco Italiano puppy to your family. 810-599-5627, 

If you call and I am not available leave a message and I will get back to you. 

Picture for interest is a picture of a Bracco Dynasty puppy who is now four years old.