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Meet Duchess

Meet Duchess of York

AKA /known as Duchess. Duchess is a white and orange Bracco Italiano (Same coloring as the Duchess of York, ha).

I love all my doggies but Duchess will always have a special spot in my heart. Duchess is loving and at the same time trying. Duchess has a lot of spunk to her. I am thankful Duchess has a very responsive on and off switch. When I tell her to settle down, she curls up next to me and loves to cuddle.  It is almost instant, and she is that quick to settle down.

Duchess is a very fast female Bracco as most Braccos are fast dogs. Duchess can certainly catch a rabbit and sometimes a squirrel, she is that fast. If there is any animal or varmint in the yard that should not be there, I just let Duchess out.

Duchess loves all people and is not shy as some braccos are (characteristic of the breed).

Duchess has a very soft temperament and gets her feelings hurt easily. She is very loving and does not take to heavy handedness at all.  Scolding her is out of the question as Duchess feels it is a front to her feelings. Duchess just gets the look “stop it”, and that is all it takes for her. Duchess loves to please her people.

Duchess is my cuddle anytime dog. Duchess is so, so sweet and loving.  Since Duchess’ health, conformation, temperament is exceptional her care is so minimal all it takes is affection to keep her happy. We are blessed to have Duchess in our breeding program.


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