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Meet King

AKA; Also known as King. King is an orange/white Bracco Italiano

We searched far and wide to find a suitable exceptional Sire for our “Bracco Dynasty Kennel”. We imported King from Finland and he flew quite the distance to get to us here in the United States. We are very proud and know we made the right choice with King.

King is fun, loving and goofy. King is loving with all people big or small. He gets along with other dogs, puppies, loves everyone and everything. He loves his cuddle time on the couch. King is fun to play with and acts like a goofy puppy at play time. King can be goofy and playing but when I ask him to settle down, he is quick to do so. He has a very nice on and off switch.

I would not say “King is a soft dog” as some Bracco’s are, I would say he has a middle of the road disposition. King is even, steady; an all-around balanced Bracco. King has an excellent disposition; he takes correction and training well. King is very willing to please. King is happy doing whatever he is doing.

Kings conformation and body type are wonderful and true to form for a Bracco Italiono Stud dog. King is very well muscled and has powerful bone. He has a regal noble appearance to him. We are very, very blessed and fortunate to have King as the sire of our Bracco Italiano Puppies.


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