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Meet Nobel Lee

Meet Nobel Lee

Nobel Lee is a white/ chestnut roan Bracco Italiano.

Nobel Lee has a soft disposition most of the time but not always. Depends on what she feels warrants the soft “puppy eyes” or the “it wasn’t me and I didn’t do it”. Nobel Lee seems to be self-righteous at times when she knows the scolding isn’t warranted. Nobel Lee has a certain self confidence about her and seems to know exactly who she is.

Nobel Lee exhibits her confidence in the field. She is a take charge hunter. Thick brush, water, mud etc. does not even phase her. The look in her eyes is pure confidence “I got this”. Nobel Lee is an excellent teacher for the other dogs.…“Come on crew I will show you how its done”. Nobel Lee does make us proud! She is tenacious in the field. Nobel Lee is very trainable and is always willing to please.

Nobel Lee is a small female Bracco and from what I am told from visitors from Italy she is a true type Bracco Italiano From Italy. Her frame is well balanced and her conformation is excellent.

Nobel Lee loves affection and attention as most Braccos do. Nobel Lee is affectionate and has a great disposition but also is independent. She is not overly needy and doesn’t necessarily need you around all the time. Nobel Lee loves her cuddle time and loves her independent time also. Like I said “well balanced”.

Nobel Lee’s disposition, well balanced temperament, size and conformation is an asset to our breeding program here at Bracco Dynasty. We are so fortunate to have Nobel Lee as part of our family.

Nobel Lee is spayed. Nobel Lee did not do well feeding a large litter of puppies, so we made the decision to not breed her again after one litter of puppies. 


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