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Meet Princess

Meet Princess Diana

AKA / known as Princes. Princes is a white and chestnut Bracco Italiano.

When we decided to breed the Bracco Italiano we were looking for special bloodlines that would be exceptional for our Kennel, (Bracco Dynasty). We found Princess in Hungry. First of all, the bloodline, health and conformation of this female Bracco Italiano was exactly what we were looking for. Second there was a sister to princess that was equally as good (Queen). We could not decide on which female was better, I did my best to convince them we needed to purchase them both for our breeding program. They agreed and it did make us feel better knowing they would be together and not have to make the long flight to the United States alone.

Princess has an excellent disposition and temperament. She does love her people, and does not do well not being around them. She loves riding in the car but only if you are in it. She loves to hunt and go for walks but only is you go too. She loves the couch but only if you are on the couch with her. She loves the outdoors but only if you are in the outdoors with her. See a pattern here? She loves to be with her people. Anywhere you go she goes and if you do go without her, she lets you know you forgot her. Princess doesn’t really need a leash because she is your shadow, always right by your side. Princess makes us feel so special and wanted. Princess is a sweet affectionate family companion.

Princess is so smart, maybe one of the smartest dogs we have ever owned. She usually figures most things out. She can open most gates, most doors and cupboards……but I hear this breed is smart. Princess trains us every day. I wonder if she thinks we are as trainable as she is, ha.

Princess has the conformation, balance and type, true to the Bracco Italiano. She has a powerful appearance, she is an asset to our breeding program. We are very fortunate and blessed to have Princess as part of our family, really could not imagine life without her.  


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