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Meet Queen

Meet Queen Elizabeth

AKA know as Queen or Queenie. Queen is a white and chestnut Bracco Italiano.

Queen is from Hungry and a sister to Princess. Queen and Princess made the long trip on a plane to the United States together.

Queen is a very soft Bracco, her feelings get hurt very easily. It doesn’t take much, usually just a look and using a soft voice and she listens. Queen’s other master has a very loud voice and I am sure Queen would like to say to him “Inside voice, please Inside voice”.  Queen has a huge bark for such a famine female and I’d like to say the same to her “Inside voice, please inside voice”.  Queen can even bark with a toy in her mouth.

Queen loves to carry around a toy or her bone, we never really see her without one or the other. She thinks ALL stuffed toys are hers. She is always wagging her tail as she enjoys most everything.

Queen has a very nice disposition and temperament but she does take a bit to warm up to strangers. She is not confrontational but dances around people she doesn’t know until she gives them the A/OK they are good people.  OH! did I mention the couch, YEP she loves the couch and her blankets. 



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