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If you emailed me or contacted me through my website and I did not get back to you “I am so sorry”.

Apparently I was checking the trash folder regularly and not the “Spam Folder”,  to my dismay when I discovered this error there were many emails going to spam going back several months. Again I am sorry if I did not get back to you, it will not happen again, I can assure you that. Here is an update of what is going on at Bracco Dynasty. I just bred Princess to King today October 12th, 2021. I have seven deposits as of right now, and am comfortable with that number until I know by ultra sound if we will be having puppies and then x-ray about a week out of delivery when we know how many puppies to expect. If you would like to be on a contact list as we progress along here just let me know. If you were one of the people who I did not get back to again I apologize for the error on my part. My next breeding will be Duchess to King sometime around November/ December  2021. 


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